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 Don Nelson, former Tomahawk City Council President and longtime forest industry veteran, has announced his candidacy for Wisconsin’s 35th Assembly District. Nelson said he will continue the tradition of fighting for common sense solutions for the Northwoods if elected to the State Assembly.  Nelson acknowledged the strong leadership and dedicated service of State Representative Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) who is seeking the State Senate seat being vacated by State Senator Tom Tiffany (R-Minocqua).  

Don Nelson’s roots run deep in Northern Wisconsin.  Don was born and raised in Tomahawk where his family tree goes back four generations in the Tomahawk area. Don’s parents owned and operated Nelson’s Supermarket where Don first learned the life lessons of running a small family business. Growing up in Northern Wisconsin also instilled in him the importance of faith, family and friendship – values he has carried with him throughout his entire life.  Don has been happily married to his wife Jackie for over 30 years and together they have two children - Kate (28) and Kendall (26). Don also has over 38 years of private sector work experience in the forestry industry. He is currently the fiber procurement manager at the Domtar paper mill in Rothschild. 

Don has a long record of local government public service experience which will help him hit the ground running as a State Representative.  Don served his community for 26 years as a member of the Tomahawk Common Council (1989-2015) and also served our area as an elected member of the Lincoln County Board (2012-2015). In addition, Don has been actively involved as a member of the Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

Don is also actively involved in his community as a member of numerous civic organizations including: The National Rifle Association (Lifetime Member), the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the Ruffed Grouse Society, Delta Waterfowl,  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Trees for Tomorrow, Log-A-Load for Kids, Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association, Forest Industry Training Alliance, Experimental Aircraft Association, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. He also proudly served as a Scout Master of Troop 548 and volunteered as the Tomahawk High School girl’s hockey coach. 

Questions and Answers 
Who is Don Nelson? 
  • My family has deep Northwoods roots going back 4 generations. I’m blessed to have been married to my wonderful wife Jackie for 30 years and have two beautiful daughters. 

  • I’m a conservative Republican who believes in promoting faith, freedom and economic opportunity. 

  • I will always stand up for the North and will bring much needed common sense to Madison. 

  • My 38 years of private sector experience and 26 years of public service will allow me to hit the ground running for our area at the State Capitol.

Why are you running for 35th District Assembly? 
  • Mary Felzkowski has done a great job fighting for our freedoms and standing up for taxpayers and I am thankful for her leadership.

  • My campaign is centered on standing up for the North, defending liberty and securing a bright future for our families. 

  • The fact is that we could use a lot more Northwoods common sense in Madison these days.

  • I believe my private sector business experience, as well as my time serving as a local elected leader, will allow me to represent our area as strong fiscally conservative voice for the North.

There are several declared candidates for this seat.  Why do you think you are the best candidate to represent voters in this district?
  • My private sector experience and record of public service will allow me to hit the ground running to bring Northwoods common sense to Madison. 

  • I am the only candidate with 38 years of private sector experience and over 26 years of public service as a locally elected official. 

  • I’m a rock-solid conservative Republican who will never waiver when it comes to defending liberty.

  • My roots run deep here in the Northwoods. My family has been here for four generations and I’m proud to raise my two daughters in our area. 

How would you describe yourself as a candidate? 
  • I’m a fiscally conservative Republican who will protect taxpayers. 

  • I’m a family man who won’t waiver when it comes to defending our freedoms and our Northwoods values. 

  • And I’ll never forget where I came from. 

What are your top three issues that you would like to focus on as a candidate? 
  • I intent to fight against the tax and spenders in Madison.  The government takes too much of our hard-earned money.  I’ll be a taxpayer watchdog if elected.

  • I’ll make it my mission to cut red tape and wasteful spending in state government.

  • I’ll work to make sure that the Northwoods doesn’t get the short end of the stick when it comes to state funding for roads, schools and economic development.

  • We need to bring more economic development opportunities to the Northwoods. Too often politicians seem to only focus on Milwaukee and Madison.  Bringing economic opportunity to Northern Wisconsin is a priority for me. 

There seems to be a lot of polarization in Wisconsin/America these days. How do you plan to get things done with split party control in Madison? 
  • I believe that one can maintain their strong beliefs and values and still work together to get things done.

  • I have a history of working together with others on my 26 years on the Tomahawk City Council and my time on the Lincoln County Board.

  • I’m the only candidate with such extensive experience of working together to get things done for our area. 

  • I will work to create a coalition of Northwoods legislators who will stand up for the North when it comes to state funding for roads, schools and economic development


35th Assembly District 

What parts of Wisconsin does the 35th District Encompass?

Langlade County

  • Town of Ackley
  • City of Antigo
  • Deerbrook (Unincorporated)
  • Town of Elcho
  • Town of Neva
  • Town of Norwood
  • Town of Parrish
  • Town of Peck
  • Town of Polar
  • Town of Price
  • Town of Rolling
  • Town of Summit
  • Town of Upham
  • Town of Vilas

Lincoln County

  • Town of Birch

  • Town of Bradley

  • Town of Corning

  • Town of Harding

  • Town of Harrison

  • Town of King

  • Town of Merrill

  • City of Merrill

  • Town of Pine River

  • Town of Rock Falls

  • Town of Russell

  • Town of Schley

  • Town of Scott

  • Town of Skanawan

  • Town of Somo

  • City of Tomahawk

  • Town of Tomahawk

  • Town of Wilson

Marathon  County

  • Town of Berlin
  • Village of Birnamwood
  • Town of Hamburg
  • Town of Harrison
  • Town of Hewitt
  • Town of Plover

Oneida County

  • Town of Enterprise

  • Town of Little Rice

  • Town of Lynn

  • Town of Nokomis

  • Town of Schoepke

  • Town of Woodboro

Shawano  County

  • Town of Almon

  • Village of Aniwa

  • Town of Aniwa

  • Village of Birnamwood

  • Town of Birnamwood

  • Village of Bowler

  • Village of Eland

  • Town of Hutchins

  • Village of Mattoon

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Nomination Forms  

During this uncertain time, I do not get the honor of going door to door to meet people and gain their trust and earn their signatures. I am looking to earn signatures a different way. Follow my Social Media and Website to get to know me and the issues that I stand for. Click the button below to print a nomination form that I need to be your next 35th District Assembly State Representative. 

Click Here to Print out a form 

  • The Circulator must sign the paper after the Electors on each paper they circulate. Do not sign and date the Circulator’s statement at the bottom until all the electors have signed and dated.

  • All electors must print and sign their names, with their complete address and municipality of residence (no PO Box addresses), and date their signature. If any portion of the line is left blank, the signature is disqualified. State law requires both printed and signed names. Electors signing a nomination paper cannot have previously signed a nomination paper for another candidate for the same office in the same election.

  • As a circulator, you must present the paper to each elector. 

  • Electors must list the exact, specific municipality of their physical residence. For example, use the town of Bradley, not Tomahawk. Also, circulators must list their specific municipality on the certification. Do not use abbreviations for municipalities.

  • All electors must be 18 years of age or older and reside in the 35th District Assembly. Please see the listing of locations in the District above on the Webpage. 

  • It is permissible for the Circulator to add any Elector’s missing or illegible address or add the date to an individual signature.

  • Circulator must complete and sign the Certification of Circulator at the bottom of the Nomination Paper

​Original copies of the completed form can be returned to: 
Supporters of Don
118 Hickey Ave 
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Please return Nomination Papers to my campaign no later than Monday, May 25, 2020. 
If you cannot return a full sheet, please return a partial sheet- every signature helps! 
The campaign cannot accept nomination forms that are sent via fax or email.

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